I began beading 40 years ago and still greet every bead with excitement over its potential!  I have been teaching professionally for over ten years, including internationally, as well as being a published designer.

I truly love to teach and I work hard to help my students understand HOW they are creating WHAT they are making, so that they come away from class with more than a beautiful object; they also take home a technical understanding that can inform their further explorations.

I am available for teaching globally, and offer any combination of the following classes:

Half-Day Classes (3 hours each)

Bellybands, Wings and Horns

One-Day Classes (6 hours each)

Aspects and Angles
Creative Flight of Fancy
Helix Bangle

Two-Day Classes (12 hours each)

Architecture of Peyote
Layers and Dimensions
Compilation of Cones

Please email me for my teaching prospectus; I look forward to helping each other spread the joy of beading!

Happy Beadsday!

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