Sunday, March 17, 2013

That Bead Lady Book Launch Party

 What a day!  What a wonderful, fabulous, fun and exciting day!  "Contemporary Geometric Beadwork" is a hit!

I arrived at That Bead Lady to find Cathy Lampole and her manager, Allison, had set up coffee and beverages, and surprised me with a cake!  Flowers on a display table, books and samples and cards galore - what a great welcome!  People were excited going through the book and it was wonderful signing their copies to them, knowing that they'd be exploring the ideas and trying their own in short order!

My workshop was full and I was astonished and delighted to find beady buddies had found the class listing online and signed up, coming from around Southern Ontario to join the class on this most special, wonderful day.

I am so blessed.  So many delightful people willing to share their love of beads and beading, explore techniques they've never attempted,  and encourage each other to build and grow in their skills... today was truly eye-opening for me.  My heart and soul have taken wing and I am flying.  Thank you all.

Happy Beadsday!


  1. Still waiting to receive my copy ... YEAH!

    1. You'll have it in your hot little beady hands soon - I think everything has gone to post now; if you want to privately email me your name, I'd be happy to check that your copy is on its way to you. Happy Beadsday!


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