Sunday, October 7, 2012


  What an amazing Fall we are having this year!  Last year summer kind of faded into fall that faded into winter that draggled into summer....a very weird year, weather-wise.  This year we had a more traditional summer, complete with droughts, and are being rewarded with an awesome display of Fall colour.  I've been too busy to get out with my camera (boo!) but my lovely daughter has shared a few pics that she's taken (yay!).  I always have a short bad time with headaches with seasonal changes; can't decide if it's the allergens switching to the new season or the barometer playing leap frog, but whatever it is, it sucks the fun out of life.  On the other hand, the colours are gorgeous, the weather is cooling nicely (which I love; but hey, people, SOMEONE has to! *G*), and life is good!

The book is coming into structure amazingly and people are being so creative with the concepts that it's painfully clear that YES, there HAD to be two books; otherwise we would all miss just too dang much wonderfulness!  Kate has her nose to the proverbial grindstone and mine as well and we're gonna get this thing done on time! So there! *G*  And Jean has asked that I participate in her book too, which is a HUGE honour and a wonderful thing in my life, too.  I also just got an email to offer work for Marcia DeCoster's next book - another wonderful lady, fabulous artists and darn cool gal, too!  Isn't life wonderful?  Just when you are looking down so long you forget there are doors, the universe lights up and shows you a wealth of portals

Happy Beadsday!!

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