Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I'll confess.  I like the rain.  My favourite weather is cool, raining and overcast.  My skin feels better, somehow, in the damper environment.  My eyes feel more comfortable in a more gentle, diffuse light.  It must be all those northern Atlantic forebears bequeathing me their hot blood - I don't need the sun to be passionate! *G*

Another thing I love is colour.  You may have noted in the past few posts that I'm a little preoccupied with colour and its possibilities lately.  I looked out my window this morning and this is what I saw:

It wasn't until I was pulling up the colours that I realized just how diverse are the hues in my rainy, urban industrial area.  From the bricks of the (rather large) detention centre close to my office, to the myriad greys of different pavings and walkways, it was hard to cull back the selection to something postable.  I think that's another reason I like the rain so well; it gives a completely different aspect to the things we see every day.  It deepens some colours and washes clear others.  A fresh new palette with every rainfall - gotta love it!

Happy Beadsday!

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