Thursday, August 23, 2012

History Lesson

So, who am I, anyway? I am Christina Vandervlist and I am a bead-addict. I began beading at age 10 in self defense (yes, really! - 'nother story, 'nother time) and I've never stopped. When life got busy or time otherwise evaporated the beads would get a little dusty, but wherever I went my treasure boxes of beads came with me.

I love complex, freeform creations using many different off-loom beadweaving techniques, as well as mathematically addictive geometric structures and the distracting wonderment of bead embroidery. I've applied myself to learn as many beading techniques as possible with the occasional foray into a complementary skill - wirework, metalwork, precious metal clays, fibres, needle- and wet-felting and oh! So MUCH more! But these are all in service to my need to bead.

I've been beading now for 39 years and enjoy endless enthusiasm for the possibilities encompassed in the simple supplies of beads, needle and thread (I'd better add scissors, too!).

One very cool thing in my past is the cover of Beadwork magazine. What a magical, delicious and unexpected honour! It's a bit on the older side now, but some beadophiles may actually remember it:

Happy Beadsday!

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