Monday, August 27, 2012

How Do You Work?

How do you like to work on your beautiful beadwork? I've been beading for too many years and tried too many ways to think there's one magic answer. The answer that works best for me is, "on my lap, on a tray that has a rim (for preventing tubes from rolling off), a Vellux mat (to keep the beads where I can see 'em) and room for the project (when I invariably have to lift it to one side to deal with some other item calling for my attention)". This isn't an ideal solution for many people, but I have a lovely overstuffed armchair with broad arms (all the better to prop elbows upon or needles within), an ottoman or table in front (for feet or tray, depending!), a lovely floor standing work lamp with my Ottlite securely attached and a metal shaft that holds metallic items via rare earth magnets. This works FOR ME, I must stress. I know how my body works and moves and needs support or not. For most people I know, they may enjoy an uninterrupted location or to bead while watching television or chatting with others.

Usually the essentials are a supportive working chair, adequate lighting and space around you and a properly ergonomic height for your work tray. A low cost solution for sofa-sitters is a lap desk (often sold in plastic for children, with a pocket on each side to form legs) or breakfast-in-bed tray. These give sufficient height while allowing a beader to sit more comfortably. For those experiencing neck-aches while working, I suggest taking the same lap desk and moving it UP - onto a table top. The space beneath can hold scissors, etc., while the beadwork is now lifted up to a height that remains easy to reach and work with, while decreasing the angle your neck must bend to see your work clearly. Do you have any tips you've come up with during your beading? I'd love to hear your ideas, too!

Happy Beadsday!

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