Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Inspiration comes from so many place - I can look at the sky, graffiti or the texture of a building and see possibilities in it.  Have you ever found yourself mesmerized by unexpected beauty in a place you surely didn't expect any?  Today I was simply cataloging some photographs taken last spring and all at once I saw a quick little pic I took of a bunch of lillies of the valley.  I love lily of the valley - it's one of my favourite flowers - and am blessed with a lovely large patch in our back 40 that is kept in check only by mowing over the margins of the spreading bed!  I often grab large bunches to share out with my friends and neighbours and this was a quick handful for my desk... so pretty I had to grab a quick photo.  Today the colours seem to have caught my imagination and I can just see it as the palette for future beadwork.  The lushness of the pristine white, set off so beautifully by the lively green and accented by the trace of black...I think I know where I have lampwork beads stashed that would suit...<wandering off to check>...

Happy Beadsday!

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