Thursday, November 15, 2012

Home, Sweet Home

I'm safely home after another marathon session of aircraft; this time I viewed the (internal only) delights of Dallas, Texas and Washington DC International Airports.  Great views out the airplane window leaving Tucson... I'll post some when I get time.  Right now I'm just glad to say I am home with a gajillion new ideas percolating, a new zest for life and the living of it, several paradigm shifts to my mindset and a great new profile picture, courtesy of the photographer-savant-en-iPhone, Kate McKinnon.  Thanks, Kate, for the best time EVER and a current photo, too!  You ROCK!

Happy Beadsday, everyone! *G*


  1. Very nice picture! The book is looking great!!

    1. Thanks, Charlotte! The book is looking absolutely fantastic; Kate and I worked from when we arose in the morning until we crashed late at night, but we were able to cover so much information and make so many important style decisions, etc., that the rest is just flying together. Kate's mastery of the process is genius. Due to her amazing abilities we're delivering the ebook before Christmas! *G*

  2. Dear big Sister, welcome back - I think the sister I grew up with found herself again in Tuscon, all beaming happy rays of sun. The pic is lovely and reminded me of the smiles you had when you danced or sang as a teen, before you discovered beading. Love, the 'other middle child' Dorothy. p.s. how did the purple birthday present hold up?

  3. Magnificently! *G* It made travelling without any checked bags perfectly do-able; THANK YOU! I love it!


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