Sunday, November 11, 2012


The only word to even begin the pathway to what I feel today is "privileged".  Kate McKinnon has welcomed me into her sanctum sanctorum and allowed me to feel at home.  I have enjoyed every single cup of coffee during this time in a beyond-words-gorgeous owl mug by the talented Allison Shock.  The detail and beauty of this clay creation moves me profoundly and unexpectedly.

Kate has also shared her acupuncture and although I have long had an interest in this, it's not something you'd undertake without a personal recommendation of practitioner.  Larry was personable and open and made my first experience of acupuncture not only painless (utterly - never even felt the needles go in OR out!), but profound.  I now know so much better, so much CLEARER, what Kate has been saying about the effects on her.

Those who know me know how much I crave a chill, the opportunity to cozy up in a sweater and curl up in a comforter, but I can never do this as my personal thermostat seems to be perma-set on "BOIL".  Well, to illustrate just one of the myriad small changes accumulating for me, I was COLD in bed last night and actually pulled up extra covers!  The real kicker, however, is that it is currently 61 degrees in Tucson, which for me is a balmy summer day - usually!  However, I am actually sitting here in jeans wearing a SWEATER for heaven's sake!

Not only is my corporeal being working more correctly and efficiently to design, but the book work has been a JOY.  It's incredibly easy to work with Kate; she has so many of the same perceptions that I do and it's so stimulating to discuss any differences or concerns.  We've worked long, LONG days and things are coming together so beautifully. I know this book will be one for the ages; long after a beader masters a concept they'll still be referencing it for details and inspiration.  I am so utterly humbled by the generosity of spirit and calibre of design people have so wonderfully contributed to make this book.  Thank you all!

Happy Beadsday!

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