Thursday, November 8, 2012


Kate took me out tonight to show me a bit of her 'hood, and it was great!  I brought the rain with me, it appears, so we had a lovely rainshower, too; whoduthunkit?  She obviously loves her chosen home and  it isn't hard to see why.  They have gorgeous street art and wonderful old buildings.  There was a great walkway made to look like a rattlesnake, safely conveying pedestrians over the through street.  My folks would LOVE the cactus growing all about....Hey, Dad - Kate has grapefruit, lemons, tangelo, limequats and umpteen other fruiting trees and bushes.  You'd go mad for her garden.  Mom, you'd just go MAD...the profusion of different cactus varieties out front AND back is really beautiful.  I love the scrubby trunks of the desert trees and the amusing squat, spindly or majestic date palms all about.

I made a friend with a little critter just before we ducked into The Hub for supper; now would you call him a Butterbil or a Gerbfly?  He's quite cute and friendly and not a bit shy!

Yes, my beading buddies, we DID work on the book today - I am absolutely in AWE of what's been accomplished by people all over the world, just from our pre-release patterns posted for those who've preordered the book - if you haven't already ordered it, YOU ARE MISSING OUT.  It's going to be AMAZING.  

The photos Kate is taking are breathtakingly clear and beautiful.  Advanced beaders will be able to work from those alone!  Beginners will be able to see how each and every bead places in context to be able to learn the techniques with real clarity and comprehension.

Simon came to keep me on task, so back to work I go...

Happy Beadsday!


  1. love the picture of kate - hope you had one taken of you...glad that you are enjoying yourself and still managing to work hard - say hi to kate for me

    1. You just HAVE to go see Kate's blog; yes, she took a photo of me, too - I wonder why the angel wings were painted for such a tall person and the devil's horns for the short? Hmmmm..... *G*


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