Saturday, December 15, 2012

Happy Saturday!

The Pre-Order Special of the eBook has been added to the Specials for Pre-Orders page and it is OFF THE HOOK (or substitute whatever laudatory phrase you wish).  Just check out our FaceBook page for some of the earliest responses - it`s a hit!  I`m so delighted and glad that people are appreciating the mountain of work and design and generosity of spirit that are involved in creating something of this nature.  Kate has really designed a whole new way of communicating with beaders - new or advanced - in a way that clearly resonates!

I cannot put in words how humbled and grateful I feel when people whose beadwork I`ve admired for years take the time to comment on my work and share their delight in what we`re creating.  It`s truly a global phenomenon and I`m being contacted by people from around the world - what more validation could any artist desire?

So, to everyone out there - THANK YOU!

Happy Beadsday!

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