Monday, December 17, 2012

Hip to be Square!

Kate's just put up a screenshot of one of our Squares pages - take a look!
Isn't it exciting that so many artists are finding inspiration in the most basic of beginnings?  And then taking it 10 steps further?

The response to the Specials for Pre-orders eBook has been overwhelming and overwhelmingly positive.  It's a rare thing to receive so much community feedback and involvement and find chords being struck with other bead artists around the globe.  Beadwork is truly a global artistic language; without barriers, borders or  limitation.  Multiple artists are discovering similar or even identical techniques through their own explorations, then those explorations lead to further enhancements and embellishments... the truth is that NO ONE is born knowing how to bead.  We all have to learn.  If someone knows something you find intimidating to contemplate, but would like to be able to make, just know that they've either had more time to play with their beadwork than you have to date, or they had exposure to a teacher or class or book that you haven't encountered yet.

The community involvement with Contemporary Geometric Beadwork has helped us to ensure that the techniques we present go beyond the usual project-oriented book.  We want our readers/beaders to understand WHAT they are doing, so that they will own the idea behind the technique and be able to apply it at will, to bring forward their own, entirely new, original designs.  Those new designs will then inspire others, and so on and so on....

Happy Beadsday!

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