Sunday, December 16, 2012

Rainy Sunday Happiness

I truly love the rain.  I like being wet.  Being cold is quite novel for me and something I enjoy.  The sound of rain makes me happy all the way through.  Yeah - I'm weird! *G*  I awoke this morning to a glorious rainstorm, tip-tapping away at the downspout outside the window, dancing with plinking steps across the puddles in the driveway and whooshing commandingly  through the gutters, to the great dismay of a number of squirrels trying to leap from house roof to garage roof and vice versa.

And then the day got even better.

I checked out the blog of Cath Thomas, a brilliant beader based in Geneva, Switzerland, and she has posted a beautiful review of Contemporary Geometric Beadwork.  She not only took the time, obviously, to go through the Pre-Release eBook but also noted all the little extras we have been spending time and energy to get just right - from the perfect quotations to illuminate an idea, to the encouragement to expand beyond a pattern into utilizing technique at will...please take the time to read this review; I think it does a great job of introducing the book to everyone.  For more thoughts, check out our FaceBook page for community comments.

Thank you, Cath, for your kindness in taking the time to do this and posting your thoughts for others.

Happy Beadsday!

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