Monday, January 21, 2013

Country Girl

I love driving around Southern Ontario - our landscape varies so beautifully.  Fields, cities, rivers, meadows, forest.... I love ALL of it!  I enjoyed a wonderful time driving to/from Toronto and spending a gigglicious evening with my 9 year old niece, E.  You have just GOTTA love a little girl who, when offered to go anywhere she chooses for dinner with her (admittedly indulgent) aunt, picks Japanese every time! *G*  Not only that, she chose her school reward this past summer to be learning to bead from me; just like her older cousins did in previous years.  I have such a cool crop of young people in my 'em all to bits!

Sunday was a great country drive on highways and byways and various laneways....the de-icing sprayers were out working hard before the predicted snowstorm.    The sky was gloriously blue as I sped home, but you could see the snow clouds gathering thickly on the horizon - beautiful!

I spent a fabulously fun day peeking and poking through someone else's beadwork and stash and filling up with happy and inspiration and all things good.  There is nothing more positive and uplifting than someone sharing their work with you.  Seeing their colours, the way they envision connections, hearing what they were thinking while the design came together... I think I need both more time AND more beads! *G*

Happy Beadsday!

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  1. what a beautiful photo - hope you weren't driving while taking this pic ;0)


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