Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Looks like...

A beautiful sky today with fluffer-nutter clouds and clear, limitless blue.  I am so full of joy - our book has gone to the printer!  The plates are being prepared, there is a little more colour-proofing, etc., and before you know it, your post carrier will be bringing you YOUR book!

All orders finalized before the end of January will STILL be given immediate access to our pre-release treats on our Book Blog, as well as the goodies that will be sent with the book.

The generous sharing of talents by a multitude of beaders and more around the world has really been a tremendous inspiration and lesson for me.  Too many to mention have shared their finished work, asked perceptive questions that forwarded the efforts to explore and offered different perspectives that gave clearer illumination to any number of concepts.

I am grateful to you all and so blessed to have gotten to know you.

Thanks for a wonderful journey; I can see many byways, turns and wanders leading far into the future...

Happy Beadsday!

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