Monday, February 18, 2013

Another Hurdle Cleared

My sweet daughter, C, came home for reading week on the weekend.  Being a clever and foresighted kind of a girl she booked her wisdom teeth removal for this morning (despite it being Family Day, a statutory holiday here, the dental surgeon was working).  At 9AM sharp she went in for the surgery and by 10AM we were leaving.  Of course, we were leaving again at 10:15AM as the nausea kicked in just as we got to the door the first time... poor little, puff-faced thing just went where guided, murmuring over and over "sorry, sorry, sorry....".

Safely home and tucked into bed on the sofa with painkillers, anti-inflammatories and antibiotics on board.  Quite a nice set up - cushions, covers, fireplace, picture window onto greenspace and sky, television, video, water, juice, kleenex, ice packs.... if only she were in shape to enjoy it.  Thank goodness the wisdom teeth will soon be relegated to a fast-fading memory, to be remembered with a shudder and no more.

Three impacted wisdom teeth came out, so I expect she'll be hurting for at least a few days.  I am (almost) glad, since it gives me a great excuse to hover and baby her a bit.  With my youngest child, C, only a year away from a DOUBLE honours bachelor's degree in TWO science programs, you get fairly few opportunities to take care of her like the baby she will always be to me.

I love the time spent with my other baby - art - but children are wondrously special.

This past weekend was particularly child-filled as I spent two days with my youngest niece, E, who is 9, while her Mommy was indisposed.  My elder niece, K, is only 13 but called to let us know that she has been invited to enroll at a highly-thought-of boarding academy, and my nephew, A, who is already 17 has, thus far, been accepted at every university to which he applied and has merely to decide which program he most wants to accept.  My daughter is home for her wisdom teeth / reading week and my son, R, who is almost 24 is finishing the first half of his graphic design course at college...

I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to enjoy watching these bright young people develop their own, special wings and fly bravely toward their futures.  I am so grateful to be spreading my own wings with such a positive, encouraging and hopeful response.

Life truly is beautiful.

Happy Beadsday!

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