Monday, February 11, 2013

Snow Day!

Oh my goodness, what a snow we just had!  Inches and inches fell in huge, light flakes for hour after hour... we ended up shoveling / snowblowing / scraping the driveway every hour on the hour just to keep up!  The following day was a gorgeous blue sky over a thick, clean white blanket - very pretty! 
Even Baby Bette decided to take a walk; with snow 18 inches deep (at the LEAST), she had to stay on the driveway.
Our poor garden lights were just about covered up; if I had a decent camera I'd have taken a picture of them in the evening. When they lit up the snow around them just GLOWED with light.  Thank heavens the solar-power collectors on their tops were clear to allow for charging; the lights were completely swallowed at the bulb height!
 Our lovely neighbours are a big part of our lives so we keep a walkway open for them (and the post carrier, newspaper delivery, etc.) in the middle of the dividing hedge - those poor privet bushes are quite literally encased in snow!

My poor father was worried that the gas mains weren't free of snow and could potentially ice up, so these are his footsteps around the front of the house, looking toward the neighbour across the street; he sank past his knees with every step!

I hope you're happy and warm right now.

Happy Beadsday!

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