Wednesday, February 13, 2013

That Bead Lady

 Now, I know that many of my readers aren't from Ontario, or even Canada, and that's a real shame for any number of reasons.

One reason is the exquisite jewel box of a bead store in Newmarket, Ontario.  "That Bead Lady" is owned and operated by Cathy Lampole, her gracious manager Alison Layton, and a loyal crew of lovely ladies.  They always have a cheerful greeting and a welcoming smile for everyone.

I know quite a few bead stores and as far as I am concerned, they are ALL splendid - covered inside with beads how could they be anything different? *G*  Some shops are brisk and bold and eye-grabbing, while others are warm and cozy and fascinating.

"That Bead Lady" is bright and cheerful and fresh.  The various types of beads are arranged by size and colour and type.  The open floor plan and waist-high tables make it easy to browse for specific items, or consider an inspirational find.  The displays are put together by Alison, who has a special flair for setting these up.  I particularly like how the samples on display run the gamut of style and colour and are clearly labelled by the name of the beader; it's lovely to see from one to the next how a specific style is particular to each person.  The light is bright and clear and shows the beads very well, making selection a breeze.

I have to admit my favourite place is the bench by one window.  There's a window ledge almost a foot deep, where I love to put beads while considering colour combinations, so I can see them in natural light.  In fact, I think I can safely blame the myriad of beads used in my pink Fortunteller directly on the huge variety available and the ability to mix 'n' match combinations at this shop!

I'm pleased to announce that I've booked two dates with this lovely shop.

On Saturday February 23rd I'll be teaching a class that is perfect for anyone wanting to expand their Peyote skills.  We'll work with increases, decreases and variations to create dimensional, geometric shapes, perfect for component work.

On Sunday March 17th we'll have a bit of a party to celebrate receiving the actual, printed, GORGEOUS first-edition copies of "Contemporary Geometric Beadwork".  You can purchase a copy at the store, or visit my shop if you're not local.  I'll be delighted to personalize a copy just for you!  There will also be a slightly more advanced class that will expand on the February class and explore some of the concepts central to the book - bellybands, wings and horns.

We are going to have TOO MUCH FUN! Wanna come play?  Visit "That Bead Lady" to register.  I can't wait to meet you!

Happy Beadsday!

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