Thursday, September 6, 2012


The world is just offering up so much fabulousness...the beady world is going to be graced by TWO geometric beadwork books this winter!  Kate McKinnon and community will be providing the instruction and eye candy of Contemporary Geometric Beadwork (which will still include the utterly amazing work of Jean Power), and the OVERLOAD of Jean Power's cool geometric designs will stuff ANOTHER amazing must-have book!  I'm not that surprised; when you get two incredible geniuses focusing towards one goal, you are simply BOUND to get more ideas than can be reasonably fit into one book!  Rather than chop it up into bare tastes of the subject matter or overwhelm with a multi-volume SET of books, they sat down to consider how best to handle the overwhelming volume of creativity and came up with what IMHO is the PERFECT solution.  Jean's work will still feature in Kate's book, while the wide-reaching body of work that is Jean's OTHER work, that cannot be crammed nor shoehorned into Kate's book, will fill an all-Jean, all-POWER book of her own.  I am so thrilled to be associated with two such generous, fabulous women artists.  These gals both know how to SHARE!  Something I've had recent occasion to value highly....

Happy Beadsday!

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