Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cone Heaven

I've been knee deep in the delicious delight of cones for a couple of days now, writing up instructions for various projects and new designs.  I have BARELY begun to explore them, but already have a ring, lariat, pin and more done plus more in the making!  This is being seriously TOO MUCH FUN.  The possibilities are pretty well limitless.  Every single beader brings their own style sense, colour awareness, personal aesthetic, cultural sensibilities, etc. to every item they make.  You can send out identical instructions and even when followed to the letter, different individuals will produce very different work.  It's so exciting to see all the work people are sending for the book.  Seriously, if you haven't pre-ordered you are SOOOOO missing the boat!

Happy Beadsday!


  1. i am so looking forward to making one of these - do you have to be able to count?????!!!!


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