Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Caught In The Vortex

Cones are still occupying my mind... there's a fair bit of room in there! *G*  The pre-release goody of the week is going to be Cone instructions.  Have you ordered your book yet?  The cones are just so fabulous to play with... You may have seen my Double Coneflower Ring on an earlier post; this is what happens when you make the narrow portion VERY VERY LONG.

Now mind you, this is only a start!  Before the piece was complete the lonely ends had a bit of company!  I cannot show you the complete Cones Of Darkness Lariat as it now adorns the neck of its new mistress, the lovely Kate McKinnon, but we'll see if we can sweet-talk her into a photo soon.

Happy Beadsday!

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