Monday, September 10, 2012

'Tis The Season... play with colour.... *G*

Isn't colour fabulous?  A quick glance at certain combinations brings immediate recognition.

Red / Yellow / Blue?  Kiddies!
Pink / Green / Yellow? Easter!
Green / Red / Gold? Christmas!

Knowing that a lot of beaders are already working on their holiday presents I thought it would be fun to take a look at that ever-so-evocative combination of Green / Red / Gold (or silver!).

The classic combination is beautiful.  But "it's been done"! *G*

Have you considered ramping up the richness and going for deeply jewel-toned hues, like Emerald / Merlot / Metallic Gold?

A great way to shake up the standby, yet keep the idea recognizable is to use muddier tones, such as Mustard / Brick / Olive.

Of course, a modern take can be simply a nod to the token traditional colours - have you tried Lime / Fuschia / Crystal AB yet?

Taking a traditional colourway as a starting point is a great way to build on your own colour tastes and develop colour schemes that work for the occasion as well as your preferences.  Begin with the traditional, then mute it, or vamp it, or tweak it sideways - use secondaries or even tertiaries; the possibilities are endless and the exploration is sheer fun.

Happy Beadsday! 

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